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It’s not about hamstrings – it’s about life.





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Yoga is a journey of self-exploration. It connects us to life filling it with joy and beauty. It sets us free! The freedom starts in our thoughts and our heart but we can access it through the body!

Moving the energy from our Mind towards our Heart Center we can look inside for the true purpose of our practice and real intentions behind every our action.

I am here for you every week to help you through this immense and fascinating journey of self-discovery.

In all my classes I use different approaches to yoga. I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga inspired by Iyengar yoga, Anusara yoga and Restorative yoga. The classes consist in continuous flow from one pose to another without holding postures for a long time, coordinating every movement with your breath. In this way your body is constantly receiving oxygen and you – strength from your breath. At the same time the mind can relax.

Why regular classes:

  1. It keeps you healthy and balanced in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga “massages” your organs, strengthens and stretches your muscles, brings balance to your emotions and space to your mind to deeply connect to Universal Wisdom within you.
  2. Stress relief: it brings you to a different place and makes you get rid of the stress accumulated every day – both on physical and mental levels.
  3. Inner peace: a yoga class is like a little holiday, it helps to calm disturbed mind and brings you to the present moment of “here and now”.
  4. Awareness. When you create new ways of feeling your body and observing your mind in a yoga class you will inevitably become more aware of it outside your yoga mat too.
  5. More energy: movement, breath and meditation helps you to feel fresh and energetic, it recharges you even after a long day.
  6. Relieve body pain: Yoga helps your body to improve the posture when you stand, walk, sit or even sleep. It brings you balance between strength and flexibility and helps each of your body parts function properly.
  7. Intuition: after some time practicing you will start effortlessly make decisions and changes you need. It happens naturally when you become more connected to your True Self.
  8. Better relationship with outer world: When your mind is more relaxed and happy you have more ability to listen and hear the others, you become more connected to the outer world as much as to your inner world.
  9. And many other benefits that you will discover by yourself.

Yoga is a continuous practice; it’s an inner- journey of constant transformation! Keep on practicing to receive more profound benefits!

No matter how much structure we create in our lives there will always be things that we can’t control. Life is in constant movement and change. So learn to go with the flow through your body. When you are in harmony with yourself, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling.

“Smile, breath and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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